Think Your Bestie’s The Best?

Everyone knows the definition of bestie goes far beyond “a person’s closest friend.” A best friend is that magical person that shows up in your life and you think to yourself, “This person gets me! How did I live without said person?” What’s even better is the feeling is mutual. Otherwise you might be a stalker and that’s totally creepy.

This website is dedicated to that magical bestie realm of happiness complete with unicorns and fluffy kitties frolicking in marshmallow clouds riding pink bicycles with baskets of strawberry muffins and Skittles. Unless you’re gluten-free and then those muffins would be beef jerky. Or if you’re allergic to kittens, we can replace them with puppies. Or more unicorns.

What is MeetMyBestie? It’s a platform that gives best friends a voice, allowing everyone to share their love for their bestie through articles, videos, Q&As, photos and other avenues of expression (minus porn). We’d love to know what makes your bestie relationship tick, so drop me a line.



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